Winter Sweetz Announces Start of 2019 – 2020 Texas Red Grapefruit Season

MCALLEN, TX – Winter Sweetz, a Texas based grapefruit brand owned by Lone Star Citrus, announces the start of its twelfth season supplying quality, sweet grapefruit throughout the U.S. Now in full production, Texas Red Grapefruit will be available through April 2020, with peak sweetness from November 2019 to March 2020.

Winter Sweetz grapefruit is grown in the temperate and sunny climate of the Rio Grande Valley. This summer, the region experienced a lighter bloom, which allowed the fruit to increase, on average, one size compared to the previous season.

“We are thrilled with this season’s harvest and look forward to sharing our sweet and juicy Texas-grown Red Grapefruit with shoppers this winter,” said April Flowers, director of marketing at Winter Sweetz. “The bright color and juicy texture is the perfect pick-me-up during the winter months and we’re excited for our winter promotion to showcase the many ways consumers are able to use this versatile fruit.”

Winter Sweetz’s upcoming winter promotion will utilize email campaigns, social media promotions, influencer partnerships and outreach to both regional and national media to drive foot traffic in stores and increase sales of Texas Red Grapefruit. The promotion will share helpful and inspiring content to change the perception that grapefruit can only be enjoyed by cutting the fruit in half and sprinkling sugar on top.

Winter Sweetz grapefruit began shipping mid-October and is currently in full production offering Texas Red Grapefruit, as well as consumer friendly gift cartons to promote in-store impulse purchases.

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About Winter Sweetz

Winter Sweetz is based in Mission, Texas and is a subdivision of Lone Star Citrus Growers. At Winter Sweetz, the farmers work year-round to ensure the healthiest trees in order to yield the best quality of Texas Red Grapefruit. While Winter Sweetz Texas Red Grapefruits are available on the market during the fall and winter months, they grow during the summer, soaking in as much of the glorious South Texas sun as they can. For more information about Winter Sweetz, visit and follow the brand on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

About Lone Star Citrus Growers

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