World Avocado Organization and the World Avocado Congress Host Inaugural International Marketing Session

Washington D.C., & Medellín, Colombia – This September 23-27, 2019, Medellín, Colombia, the “city of eternal spring,” will host the IX World Avocado Congress (WAC).  A highly anticipated industry event, the WAC has convened every four years since 1987. It brings together business leaders, academia, and key innovations, in a unique global exchange.

The organizers of the WAC 2019 (Corpohass and Agrilink) invited the World Avocado Organization (WAO) to host the first ever International Marketing Session as part of the IX WAC, setting the stage for continued growth in the years to come. The session will focus on the marketing activities and influences of the world’s largest avocado markets, including the United States and Europe, as well as the top emerging market, Asia (China and Japan). 

Xavier Equihua, CEO of WAO and President of the Peruvian Avocado Commission (PAC), has the distinct privilege of serving as Chairman of the WAC’s first International Marketing Session. “I am honored to lead the International Marketing Session during congress this year. It is our commitment to excellence and a passion for transformation, that has defined the sales of the world’s favorite superfood over the past decade,” said Chairman Equihua. 

Chairman of the IX WAC, Juan David Mondragon added, “The World Avocado Congress takes great strides to ensure our commitment to bringing new and engaging ideas to our industry, as well as an emphasis on technological advances and trends. This International Marketing Session will be one of the highlights of our congress this year as we forge the future of the avocado industry.” 

Along with Chairman Equihua, keynote speakers during the International Marketing Session include top executives from some of the most noteworthy and innovative global avocado producers, including the chairman of WAO, Zac Bard, the President of Avocados from Mexico (AFM) Alvaro Luke, and Tim Spann, Research Director of the California Avocado Commission (CAC). 

Topics presented during the International Marketing Session include how the CAC became the pioneer of avocado marketing as the first marketers of avocados in the world, the challenges that the World Avocado Organization faces marketing avocados effectively in 14 different languages, and how to maintain a robust and invigorating avocado market through the summer months.

About the World Avocado Organization (WAO): Established in 2016, the World Avocado Organization is an international association representing the leading producers, exporters and importers of avocados, including Peru, South Africa, Columbia, Spain, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Mexico and the United States. The primary objective of the association is to spread the word of the avocado around the world and to promote its consumption thanks to its nutritional values and its recognized health benefits.

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About the World Avocado Congress (WAC): Founded in 1987,The first WAC was held in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is a unique opportunity to expand the vision of leaders in the avocado industry, bringing together leading avocado producers, researchers, marketers and other interested parties from several countries, for the purpose of information sharing and networking.

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