Yerecic Label Announces Launch Of Innovative BackFlip! Label Design

NEW KENSINGTON, PA – BackFlip!™, Yerecic Label’s new label construction, will maximize product visibility while increasing consumer messaging space. 

“One of the biggest trends we see in produce packaging right now is transparency,” said Yerecic Label Marketing Manager Kristin Yerecic. “BackFlip! ™ combines the benefits of a clear label while taking full advantage of both sides to communicate to consumers.”

The BackFlip!™ label allows you to add full color text and graphics to the back of your label without additional material cost or covering your product.

“BackFlip!™ takes consumer messaging in produce to the next level,” said Yerecic Label President Art Yerecic. “One of the least utilized areas of the produce clamshell, the inside, is now an additional billboard for your product.”

Once customers open the product’s clamshell, they are  greeted with additional messaging such as recipes, storage tips or delicious finished dish photography. Make shoppers flip when they check out the back of your label!  

For more information on BackFlip!™, visit or contact Yerecic Label at

About Yerecic Label

Yerecic Label is located in the Westmoreland Business and Research Park in New Kensington, PA in a facility designed for cellular lean manufacturing.  With our Esko Graphics HD and DuPont FAST pre-press/plate system delivering magazine quality images, the possibilities of what Yerecic Label can help you accomplish are endless. To learn more, visit

Source: Yerecic Label