Buffalo Market Launches Nation’s First Hyper Local Mission-Driven Digital Grocer in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO — Buffalo Market is a digital grocer reinventing the supermarket model with local delivery but focusing on scaling local suppliers and farms. While others compete on delivery speed, Buffalo Market is focused on the ultimate needs of consumers, quality products, and predictability.

“Buffalo Market’s mission is to fundamentally transform the American grocery by focusing on freshness,” says Buffalo Market CEO Adam Olejniczak. “Improving existing grocery store models by focusing on farm freshness may sound like it increases costs, but it actually does the opposite.” Buffalo Market receives produce around 2am each morning, delivering it to customers later that same morning. This results in extremely fresh produce, lower costs, and better value for all involved.

Up to 40% of all food in the USA goes to waste and Buffalo Market’s model to reduce this is an opportunity to deliver value to customers. Up to one in seven truckloads of fresh food delivered to supermarkets gets thrown away. Think of stores, handling and stacking produce, and then culling and paying for their disposal. A key source of supermarket waste are the giant piles of produce stores rely on to catch customers’ eyes. These are designed to create a feeling of abundance, but lead to over-ordering by the store and over-handling by both customers and staff, resulting in massive spoilage when the stuff at the bottom rots.

Buffalo Market relies on a social contract with customers to create savings. The ask is simple; customers order one day ahead of time, and Buffalo Market drives its waste to near zero, passing the savings on to customers and increasing freshness. This allows Buffalo Market to know exactly how much food to order from local sources daily, reducing waste. This not only emphasizes local production, but creates a need to buy locally grown.

The future of grocery shopping builds value by emphasizing eco-friendly values that are just smart. Unlike many of today’s online grocery delivery services, Buffalo Market doesn’t send individual vehicles to stores or to several warehouses.

About Buffalo Market

Buffalo Market is a pioneering company putting fresh, local groceries in the palm of your hand, and on a mission to reinvent the food system for good. The Bay-Area based company is the only grocer that focuses on local, affordable produce. Buffalo Market’s online experience is the simplest way to have a farmers’ market experience that is affordable every day of the week.