Cuboh Announces the Launch of its Self-Ordering Kiosk Creating an All in One Online Ordering System

Cuboh, a leading online ordering management system, is announcing the launch of their self-ordering kiosk solution. Alongside the rest of Cuboh’s suite, this addition of self-ordering kiosks allows restaurant’s to manage their third-party apps, first-party websites and in-person kiosk ordering all in one place.

The Canadian startup, who took part in the Y Combinator program in 2019, is launching their kiosk solution on October 1, 2023. “Our self-ordering kiosk was the natural next step in Cuboh’s growth,” said Juan Orrego, Founder and CEO at Cuboh. “With online ordering continuing to expand, restaurant’s require a consolidated solution to manage the different avenues of online ordering,” Orrego continued, “it no longer works managing settings such as your menus separately, when food items run out restaurant’s need to be able to toggle a switch to push the change out to all online menus, instead of changing each delivery app and other online ordering websites separately.”

With rising labor costs and operations becoming harder to manage, Cuboh Kiosks are designed to solve the issues restaurants face. “Cuboh Kiosks create the opportunity for natural upselling which increases average ticket size, as well as the opportunity to collect customer information for targeted marketing campaigns,” says Orrego. Adding kiosks is an instant game changer for any restaurant.

Cuboh has been dedicated to solving the issues that come with the onset of online ordering since the company was founded. According to Orrego, “Online ordering is a great channel to acquire customers that would otherwise never hear about you. App commissions are high but that’s because you’re paying for the marketing, and it’s crucial to convert those customers to recurring visitors that will hopefully visit your restaurant in person, or order online.”

Having all their online ordering data in one place comes with another advantage. Restaurants can now easily collect and view customer information all in one platform. This information can be used for targeted marketing campaigns, which create loyal customers out of one time visitors. Whether it’s customer phone numbers and email addresses or information on their favorite meals, Cuboh aggregates information from multiple channels, creating comprehensive customer insights.

To learn more about Cuboh and their newest kiosk solution visit their website here or request a demo at this link