Green Cell Foam Brings the World’s Most Sustainable Packaging to Canada

HOLT, Mich. — Green Cell Foam, the completely biodegradable and compostable packaging material, has expanded its international business by becoming the exclusive supplier of insulated coolers for NIKU Farms. The Toronto-based company will be the first meat delivery service to bring the ground-breaking shipping material to Canada for its farm-to-door meat subscription boxes. This new acquisition will greatly increase Green Cell Foam’s existing Canadian business and will add to the growing numbers of direct-to-consumer food companies worldwide who trust the 100% water-soluble shipping inserts to safely and sustainably deliver their products to their customers. 

“We created Green Cell Foam to be a completely biodegradable, limited-impact alternative to Styrofoam, plastic and other landfill-clogging materials commonly used in shipping,” stated Tim Colonnese, CEO of KTM Industries, makers of Green Cell Foam. “We’re proud of the work we do for partners who share our vision and are excited to expand in Canadawith NIKU Farms, a mission-driven company with sustainability ingrained in all aspects of its business.”

Green Cell Foam 101:

  • A unique natural, environmentally friendly packaging material
  • Matches the performance of petroleum-based foams
  • Biodegradable alternative made from non-GMO cornstarch
  • Manufacturing requires 70% less energy and produces 80% less greenhouse gases than petroleum-based foams
  • Backyard compostable, biodegradable and water-soluble

“Food subscription boxes are rising in popularity, but often they create excessive plastic waste. By using Green Cell Foam packaging, high-quality, ethically raised meat can go straight to your door in a completely sustainable way,” said Luke Armstrong, co-founder of NIKU Farms. “We encourage other Canadian companies to join us in switching to a more sustainable option like Green Cell Foam. With Canada poised to ban single-use plastics by 2021, the time is now.”

For Green Cell Foam sales inquiries, please contact KTM Industries at 517-703-9140 or For more information about NIKU Farms, please visit


Green Cell Foam is a certified compostable and biodegradable packaging material made in the US from non-GMO cornstarch. Launched to the market in 2002, Green Cell Foam has been integrated into the packaging of hundreds of companies — large and small — that require exceptional cushioning and insulating performance while demonstrating the highest degree of care to the environment. The use of Green Cell Foam is quite broad, protecting pharmaceuticals, foods of all types, wine bottles, electronic products and parts, among others. 


NIKU Farms ships ethically raised meat straight from the farm to your door. It hand-picks the best farms that raise animals the right way, so Ontarians can make sound purchases that are better for the environment. Together with its partner farms, it is on a mission to provide everyone in the community with easy access to high quality, healthy and responsibly raised food.