GrubMarket Releases GrubAssist to Become the Enterprise AI Solution Provider for America’s Food Supply Chain Industry

SAN FRANCISCO — GrubMarket, a pioneering force in revolutionizing America’s food supply chain, today unveiled GrubAssist, the first enterprise AI software solution built specifically for the food supply chain. GrubAssist, powered by GrubMarket AI, is an intuitive and powerful suite of AI-powered virtual assistants that instantaneously deliver real-time business insights and analysis through an easy-to-use conversational interface and also generate downloadable reports with contextual data. With the introduction of the Business Analyst module, which provides business performance and operational insights, and the Inventory Analyst module, which provides stock level, supplier, and restocking analysis, GrubAssist makes a significant leap forward in applying artificial intelligence to revolutionize how food wholesalers, distributors, and shippers manage their operations and make critical business decisions.

With GrubAssist, GrubMarket emerges as a trailblazer in harnessing the value of generative AI technologies for the food supply chain ecosystem. The source of GrubAssist’s transformational impact lies in how it provides business leaders and workers with AI-powered access to their enterprise data, wrapped in a remarkably easy and intuitive user experience. Accessible via any mobile device or web browser, GrubAssist’s AI assistants empower employees with information to make better purchasing and selling decisions, offer better customer service, and complete their daily tasks faster through an effortless chat experience. Business leaders and managers can leverage GrubAssist for immediate access to performance metrics, lists of exceptions and anomalies, and suggestions for new growth opportunities to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market landscape. For example, a business owner might ask for a list of his/her most profitable customers or request an analysis of sales growth by sales rep. A salesperson working with a customer can quickly retrieve information about the customer’s prior purchases, product costs, and inventory availability. Buyers can leverage GrubAssist for recommendations for how much inventory to order, and which supplier to order from at any given time.

Importantly, GrubAssist is platform-agnostic, meaning it integrates seamlessly with any company’s existing ERP, accounting, or bookkeeping system, ensuring compatibility across platforms, including GrubMarket’s end-to-end ERP software, WholesaleWare. This interoperability, coupled with robust data security and privacy measures, as well as an AI Training Module that easily tailors the AI assistant to the unique needs of any business, highlights GrubMarket’s commitment to delivering an AI solution that is universally accessible, adaptable, and secure.

“GrubAssist, powered by GrubMarket AI, represents a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to revolutionize the food supply chain industry through transformative technologies. Food is inherently an information-powered business, and the more information you have on hand, the better you can do your job. GrubAssist undoubtedly makes users’ lives easier and helps them extract value from the decades of data that their businesses are sitting on. By harnessing the power of AI, we can empower food supply chain businesses with essential new tools that will help them thrive in an increasingly complex and dynamic market environment. The launch of GrubAssist also makes GrubMarket the first enterprise AI solution provider for America’s food supply chain industry,” said Mike Xu, CEO of GrubMarket.

The release of GrubAssist marks a new era of innovation within the food supply chain industry, as GrubMarket solidifies its commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI to fundamentally transform how food supply chain businesses operate. As the industry embraces AI-driven solutions, GrubMarket has emerged as the first mover and clear market leader in enterprise AI solutions for the industry.

Access to GrubAssist, powered by GrubMarket AI, is now available to all food supply chain businesses. For more information or a free demo, please visit please visit

About GrubMarket

Founded in 2014, CA-based GrubMarket is the AI-powered technology enabler and digital transformer of the American food supply chain industry, as well as one of the largest private food tech companies globally. As a first mover in the tech-enabled B2B food eCommerce space and a pioneer offering cutting-edge, AI-powered software-as-a-service solutions, GrubMarket uses AI-powered technology to fundamentally transform the American and global food supply chain.  GrubMarket has also been named to the prestigious CNBC Disruptor 50 list. GrubMarket operates in all 50 U.S. States and has a global presence in Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, India, Mexico, South Africa, and Spain, with plans to expand further across the U.S., Canada, South America, Europe, Africa, and other parts of the world.