iTradeNetwork Signs 3-Year Agreement with United Food Service Operators

DUBLIN, Calif. — iTradeNetwork, the global provider of supply chain management solutions for the perishable food industry, announced today a new customer agreement with United Food Service Operators, LLC (UFSO), headquartered in Watertown, New York. UFSO will be using iTradeNetwork’s branded procurement and spend management software solutions to power its UFSO-Connect proprietary data platform.

iTradeNetwork’s branded procurement solution offers a wide range of modules, including budget/order approval, product promotion, images, multi-account ordering, and organization management and business roles.

iTradeNetwork’s spend management solutions automate the collection and standardization of unit-level invoice data, allowing customers to manage by exception and uncover opportunities for cost savings. Customers benefit from actionable insights they can leverage to ensure their units are buying the right products, paying the right prices and maximizing profitability.

“We’re excited to add a great, growing organization to our customer network,” explained iTradeNetwork’s CEO Rhonda Bassett-Spiers. “UFSO has advanced efficiency in the supply chain for its member companies and adding iTradeNetwork’s solutions will help ensure that UFSO has scalable technology to complement and help drive its growth.”

“UFSO is a Member-First Purchasing Management Organization,” said Paul Levos, President & CEO of UFSO. “We are committed to partnering with companies that share our passion for innovation and iTradeNetwork is no exception. This unwavering priority has served us tremendously well and more importantly, our member companies for more than 7 years. With the exceptional speed at which our organization is growing, coupled with the superior efficiency iTradeNetwork delivers, our work will keep pace leveraging the best that iTradeNetwork offers in advanced supply chain management technology.  We couldn’t be more excited about the value this partnership will provide our members as our organization continues to revolutionize supply chain management.”

UFSO began in 2014 with a collaboration between Paul Levos and his father, the late Jerry Levos, creating a Purchasing Management Organization with a unique value proposition for members to outsource their supply chain management. Paul’s brother, Peter joined UFSO in 2017 and together, they have grown its member portfolio to over 2,000 locations throughout the eastern seaboard of the United States. UFSO is an omni-channel solution with members in restaurants, hotels, resorts, regional chains, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, colleges and universities. Working in close collaboration with Performance Food Group, UFSO’s expansion will include the midwestern United States later this year. For more information about UFSO email or visit

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