Details Flowers Software Presents: The Art of Event Production with Petal Productions

For our May Details University Class, we were joined by Raffi Grosz and Carlos Muina of Petal Productions! We reviewed successful event production operations, from conceptualization to execution. Raffi and Carlos shared their experience managing logistics, coordinating large-scale projects, and creating unforgettable client experiences. If you could not attend our session, here is the official recap!

Petal Productions didn’t begin as the significant event company it is today. Raffi started the business in his garage, never anticipating the scale it would eventually reach. His journey started with a deep love of flowers, making him the go-to person for deliveries, designs, and orders.

As the company expanded, Raffi attracted like-minded individuals who shared his commitment to providing excellent customer service. “When you love what you do, it does not feel like work” is Raffi’s motto when describing his thirty-year journey with Petals. Carlos has been a part of the team for fifteen years and has loved the atmosphere of the industry. 

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