ShopRite Kicks Off Family Meals Month Celebration

KEASBEY, NJ − September is Family Meals Month and ShopRite is celebrating by engaging its team of in-store dietitians to help customers create and enjoy nutritious and delicious family meals. To locate in-store classes and community events being held near you, visit:

“ShopRite has always believed that one of the keys to healthy eating is finding ways to enjoy more meals at home,” says Natalie Menza-Crowe, MS, RD, Director of Health and Wellness at ShopRite. “We’re proud to expand the reach of our award-winning Family Meals Month campaign this year by focusing on in-store activities, and we’re looking forward to helping our shoppers find fun, easy and delicious ways to share meals together during the month of September and all year round.”

The theme of this year’s campaign, “From Our Family to Yours,” highlights the 50 individual families who own and operate 276 ShopRite supermarkets located across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware. The campaign shares their favorite tips to help shoppers find convenient, unique and affordable meal solutions at their local supermarket.

“Our owners live and work in the communities that their stores are located in,” says Menza-Crowe. “They understand the ever-changing challenges of balancing work and home lives, and are committed to helping shoppers find healthy meal solutions that offer variety, flexibility and value.”

While events will vary by store, dietitians will be hosting free food demonstrations, classes and events all geared toward assisting customers in finding meal solutions. Additionally, the supermarket will support the campaign via distribution of free recipe books, social media content, broadcast TV commercials, weekly circular promotions, digital ads, dedicated online pages and outdoor billboard ads.

“We’re especially proud of this year’s campaign because we know that encouraging our customers to enjoy more family meals together is something that has a lasting and real effect on the communities we serve,” says Menza-Crowe. “Research has shown that as a result of Family Meals Month campaigns taking place across the nation, families are cooking more meals at home, making healthier food choices, and eating together more often. We’re extremely grateful to have the opportunity to help our customers discover the joy and lasting benefits of enjoying more meals together.”

Celebrated in September,National Family Meals Month™ was created in 2015 by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Foundation in order to encourage families to enjoy one more meal at home each week. According to FMI, family meals eaten at home strengthen the family’s social fabric and promote healthier eating. With the proven benefits of combating obesity and deterring unhealthy behaviors such as substance abuse, family meals contribute to a healthier community and nation.

In 2018, the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) awarded ShopRite its prestigious Gold Plate Award for excellence in promoting their Family Meals Month campaign to ShopRite consumers and associates.

For more information on Family Meals month-inspired in-store events, stop by the office of your local ShopRite Dietitian. To find one near you, visit

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