SupHerb Farms’ Research Reveals Menu Opportunities For Levantine Cuisine

Turlock, CA — In its latest Trending Now white paper, SupHerb Farms has identified Levantine cuisine as one of the hottest menu opportunities for foodservice operators. Named for the large area of the Eastern Mediterranean that surrounds Israel and encompasses Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and parts of Turkey, Iraq and Cyprus, the region’s fare is known for a healthful slant, popular ingredients and intriguing flavors. Some of the area’s snacks and dishes like hummus and pita are menu mainstays, while baba ghanoush, shakshuka, labneh, fattoush and falafel are fast tracking on menus.

The complete report is available on the SupHerb Farms’ Knowledge Center page, but top line results show that although consumers are aware of the cuisine and their interest is piqued, just 27% have tried Levantine fare, while 44% haven’t tried it but think it sounds appealing and would like to. Both trial and interest levels are highest among consumers aged 25 to 34.  In the same age bracket, 54% agreed that more restaurants should offer Levantine cuisine, while overall interest in trial tracks at 35%. Among customers who have tried the area’s cuisines, Israel (19%) and Lebanon (20%) have the highest rankings. In the spice spectrum, Levantine cuisine is known for bold flavor notes, often offering moderate amounts of heat. Syrian Aleppo Pepper and Israeli S’chug both deliver positive taste associations with consumers.

Foodservice operators looking to reach these new customers with the Levantine flavor profile that fits their operation’s menu can partner with SupHerb Farms on innovation to develop signature products that help capitalize on emerging food and flavor trends. SupHerb Farms can assist foodservice operators with custom ingredient creation, as well as recipe development, menu ideation and trend interpretation. 

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