Tastewise AI-powered Food Intelligence Platform Launches in the UK to Aid Growth for Food Industry

TEL AVIV, Israel — Our new normal is continuing to take shape: breakfast meetings over zoom, plant-based lunches, cocktail kit delivery after work, and more. The food and beverage industry is unrecognizable as consumers change the way they order, cook, and eat.

Enter Tastewise, the AI-powered food intelligence solution, that launches today in the UK. With real-time data into consumer behaviour data, the solution offers immediate, location-specific food and beverage insights into an industry that is changing faster than ever before. Tastewise AI analyses and predicts changing consumer needs, providing critical clarity to market opportunities.

To support and empower food brands, manufacturers, restaurants, and other industry stakeholders in the UK, Tastewise has accelerated growth, adding localized data of 183K restaurants and delivery menus, over 2.8B social interactions, and 1.2M online recipes.

Founded by former Google executive, Alon Chen, and former tech leader at SimilarWeb, Eyal Gaon, Tastewise’s dynamic intelligence allows companies to understand the deep motivations behind consumer behaviour and trends. The platform provides industry stakeholders with real-time insights to understand emerging trends, identify target segments and competitors, and determine the products that should be developed next.

“The pandemic has made it clear that it’s imperative to have your finger on today’s pulse each time a decision is made,” said Alon Chen, Co-Founder and CEO of Tastewise. “While it may not be surprising that health is top of mind right now in the UK, we’re able to see that this change in consumer mentality has far-reaching effects; for example, it has even reimagined the classic English breakfast – interest in nutrition-packed green beans is up 112% in the morning. Our data-driven innovation gives brands an inside look into the latest consumer trends, allowing them to access the equivalent of thousands of virtual focus groups at the click of a button.”

Alongside the launch, Tastewise has released a new report exploring consumer food trends in the UK on the heels of widely covered reports in the US. The report details the cuisines and ingredients on the rise, potential market opportunities, and more — all backed by the most up-to-date data available. A complimentary copy of the full report can be found here.

Report highlights include:

  • Wales reigns as the vegan capital of the UK, with 8% of references to eating in the land of the daffodil centring on vegan food and beverage.
  • The British baked bean breakfast is reinvented during COVID-19 as consumers seek to boost health with green beans, up 112% in popularity for breakfast during the pandemic.
  • Popularity in CBD fades as L-theanine skyrockets, growing 300% as consumers seek out stress-relieving coffee and tea blends during these particularly challenging times.
  • Health and fitness motivations draw consumers to sustainable eating more than climate change; sustainable foods are rising 52% in popularity YoY, with the movement prioritizing personal health over planetary health.
  • Meal kits add flavour to the dreariness of quarantine, replicating experiences from life before the pandemic – interest in kits is up over 200%+ each in England, Wales, and Scotland. 
  • Consumers turn to edible flowers to star in their dishes and on their social media as they crave organic, aesthetic food.
  • Korean Gochujang is the new sriracha, bringing the heat and the sweet as the sauce is growing 5x faster in popularity across the UK than its Thai rival.

Trusted by Nestlé, PepsiCo, Givaudan, Campbell’s, General Mills, Dole, and more, the Tastewise platform leverages machine learning, predictive analytics, computer vision, and NLP processing to allow stakeholders to predict and create tomorrow’s successes. Traditional market research is unable to keep pace with current trends and market demand. Tastewise technology provides a holistic analysis of observed consumer behaviour, offering depth and detail into consumer motivations and informing data-driven product development, marketing strategy, and sales execution.

“Tastewise has been incredibly valuable in helping us to uncover white spaces in the food and beverage industry. The Tastewise solution lets us assess innovation-growth opportunities in a much more efficient way, saving us both time and money,” said Ilanit Kabessa, Head of Ventures at Dole. “We use Tastewise’s real-time insights platform to explore consumer segments, prioritize product formats, and decide on flavour combinations — all while staying closely in tune with our consumers.”

Tastewise allows customers to:

  • Maximize marketing -Content utilizing Tastewise AI to tap into customer needs achieves 4.5X more exposure
  • Accelerate product development – The technology enables faster innovation cycles and more successful product launches; with faster time to insight and fewer product modifications after launch
  • Grow business – Increase market share by discovering new restaurants locations, as well as those opening soon

“Eating and drinking is more digitized than ever before,” said Eyal Gaon, Tastewise Co-Founder and CTO. “Our technology connects the dots between billions of food data points across restaurant menus, online recipes and social media. Our proprietary AI provides unprecedented, laser-focused views into consumer behaviour.”

Try the Tastewise platform here: www.tastewise.io

About Tastewise

Tastewise is a food intelligence solution that holistically measures and predicts the way people order, cook, and eat. Tastewise works with food brands, manufacturers, ingredient companies, and flavour houses like Nestlé, PepsiCo, Givaudan, Campbell’s, General Mills, Dole, and more to enhance new product development, build marketing strategy, and accelerate sales in retail and restaurants. Backed by $7M in funding from PICO Venture Partners, PeakBridge and Gullspång Invest, Tastewise leverages machine learning to capture food innovation instantly from 576K restaurant menus, 22.5B social interactions, and 2.2M home recipes. For more information, please visit www.tastewise.io.