Torani is Turning Up the Heat This Summer With Its Newest Flavor: Sweet Heat Syrup

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. — Torani, a leader in the flavor industry for nearly 100 years, today announced the newest addition to its portfolio of more than 150 syrups and sauces: Torani Sweet Heat Syrup.

Over the past two years, Torani has worked to craft the perfect sweet and spicy flavor, better known to flavor trend watchers as “swicy” (a portmanteau of the two words sweet and spicy). Torani Sweet Heat Syrup not only captures a spicy heat, but does so without any of the vegetal notes typically produced by chili peppers. Its newest syrup offers a slow build of heat that isn’t overpowering, but rather adds a depth of flavor and bright piquancy to beverages.

Sweet Heat is an example of the “Sweet and…” flavortrend, where sweetness is paired with other flavors (such as spice, sour or salt) to create a more complex flavor profile. Other recent Torani introductions of “Sweet and…” include Kettle Corn Syrup (sweet and salty) and Sour Candy Syrup (sweet and sour). Sweet Heat adds boldness and dimensionality to beverages while also tapping into Gen Z and millennials’ growing affinity for complex, nostalgic, and unusual new offerings.

“Our flavor innovation team worked for over a year on the Sweet Heat Syrup formulation to get it just right,” said Andrea Ramirez, Consumer & Customer Market Insight Manager at Torani. “Sweet Heat is a flavor for spice aficionados and anyone who loves to add a dash of heat to their food or drink.”

According to market research firm Datassential, spicy flavors continue to be on consumers’ radars, with 62% of consumers liking or loving them. In addition, spicy foods have high awareness, and they’re the most popular among Gen Z consumers. Sweet and spicy pairings are also showing up more on menus, with a 38% increase over the last 12 months. According to a survey conducted by market research company OnePoll on behalf of Frank’s RedHot, 93% of respondents want some level of heat in their food.

The “swicy” trend is growing in popularity across industries and shows no sign of slowing down. Recent foodservice launches include Chick-Fil-A’s test of a Maple Bacon Pepper Sandwich accentuated with a sweet heat pickle, Arby’s King’s Hawaiian Sweet Heat Sandwich, and Buffalo Wild Wings’ new Sweet Chile Lime Sauce. Foodservice is also highlighting “swicy” flavor profiles in beverages, like Dutch Bros’ recently introduced Mangonada Rebel and Burger King’s Frozen Fanta Kickin’ Mango. Not to be outdone, consumer packaged goods are also playing with fire; Takis® recently introduced a Dragon Sweet Chili chip and SpaghettiOs released a Frank’s RedHot line extension.

Like all Torani Original Syrups, Sweet Heat is crafted with only natural flavors and pure cane sugar, and its cold-filtered production lets the flavor’s spiciness shine through.

Torani Sweet Heat Syrup retails for $10.59 and is available to order now on

About Torani

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