Acme Smoked Fish Introduces Danish Double-Smoked Salmon

BROOKLYN, NY – Acme Smoked Fish is launching an all-new product this holiday season: Danish Double-Smoked Salmon. This unique salmon from their Spence & Co premium product line is developed over a 24-hour process in Scandinavia bringing together innovation with time-honored techniques.
The double-smoking process begins in the village of Outrup, at a Danish smokehouse where smoked salmon has been a tradition for more than 100 years.  Sustainably-raised fresh Norwegian salmon is hand-filleted then dry-cured with sea salt. Next, the fish is naturally cold-smoked over sweet Beech wood for nine hours, which results in a sweet tasting salmon as the Beech wood produces a low acid smoke. After another drying session, the salmon rests for 12 hours before it is hand-sliced and perfectly trimmed. The proprietary smoking process takes twice as long as traditional smoking times.
The delicious smoky and full-bodied flavors of the salmon combined with its buttery and silky texture beckon to be enjoyed on its own or better yet, paired with a full-bodied white wine.  The flavors of the salmon go well beyond the bagel, served as the protein in your favorite dish, topped on a fresh pasta dish or salad, or featured on a holiday appetizer board. 
“Double-smoking the salmon for this special product blends traditional methods with modern techniques, in a process that’s done entirely by hand one batch at a time,” says Matt Ranieri, Ph.D., the Vice President of Technical Services at Acme who oversees R&D. “It’s a wonderful way for salmon lovers to try something new and enjoy an even more robust flavor.” 
As the go-to source for smoked salmon in the U.S., Acme offers both hot smoked and cold smoked varieties including Nova Smoked Salmon, Gravlax, Pastrami Smoked Salmon, Everything Bagel Smoked Salmon and Togarashi Smoked Salmon.  Unique items from their Spence & Co line include Smoked Salmon Pinwheels, Wild Salmon Seafood Salad and Scottish Smoked Salmon, which can be found at Whole Foods Market.
Double Smoked Salmon is now available in a 4 oz. package size nationally at select Whole Foods Market stores.  
About Acme Smoked Fish Corporation
Based in Brooklyn, New York, Acme Smoked Fish Corporation is a fourth-generation, family-owned smoked fish purveyor. Since the company’s beginnings in the early 1900s, Acme has been committed to providing the highest quality of seafood specialties in an expanding number of varieties. Customer favorites includes Smoked Nova, Pickled Herring and Whitefish Salad and the company has launched innovative new products including Sashimi-style Smoked Salmon, ready-to-eat Poke Bowls, and Smoked Atlantic Salmon Candy in recent years. Acme’s products are sold in retail and food service from coast to coast at the most recognizable supermarkets, specialty stores and bagel shops and enjoyed at restaurants and delicatessens under the Acme, Blue Hill Bay, Ruby Bay, Spence & Co., and Great American brands. In 2021, the company launched the Acme Smoked Fish Foundation to support climate change innovation in the seafood industry.