Al Roker Showcases Aquaculture as a Climate Solution

Al Roker and his team visited aquaculture efforts in California and Connecticut to learn firsthand how aquaculture can support working waterfronts, local businesses, and the coastal economy, all of which are threatened by climate change.

Guess who’s in NOAA’s neck of the woods? For Earth Week, Al Roker and the Today Show traveled from California to Connecticut to learn about aquaculture as a climate solution.

The United States imports 75–80 percent of the seafood we eat, and those seafood sources are being impacted by climate change. Aquaculture is a local, sustainable option that doesn’t use much fresh water, fish food, take up much space, or emit greenhouse gasses the way traditional farming can. Eating farmed seafood is good for you, good for the economy, and good for the planet!

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