Blount Fine Foods Introduces “Blount Clam Shack” Brand Line of Refrigerated Premium Sauces and Marinades in Seafood Section

Blount Fine Foods, a leading manufacturer of premium, handcrafted soups, entrées, and side dishes for retail and foodservice, and the market leader in fresh retail soups, today announced a new line of retail sauces and marinades for use with seafood (chicken, pork, and vegetarian recipes too!). The sauces and marinades are being launched under the Blount Clam Shack brand.  They don’t require  special prep and can be simply poured over the meal during cooking or used in advance as a marinade.

Blount announced the line will kick off with five initial recipes:

  • Creamy Dijon Mustard with White Wine Sauce (Gluten Free)

               Rich and creamy, with a slight tang this sauce goes great with salmon. Use as a dipping sauce for chicken tenders too!

  • Renegade Marinade (Pineapple & Soy Sauce)

              The perfect blend of soy sauce, pineapple juice and ginger with the right amount of umami and sweetness. Great on any meat or fish… put some in your stir fry or fried rice too!

  • Tomato Balsamic Pour-Over Sauce (Gluten Free)

              Ripe tomatoes, red bell peppers and garlic with just the right amount of seasoning. Goes great with seafood!

  • Cocktail Sauce (Gluten Free)

Classic flavor paired with plump tomatoes and just the right amount of spicy horseradish
give this sauce its distinctive character.

  • Tartar Sauce (Gluten Free)

The perfect finish to any fish dish, hot or cold. Great as a salad dressing too!

“These premium refrigerated seafood sauces were developed based on the original recipes served at Blount’s Clam Shack, located in Warren, RI.”, said Todd Blount, president and CEO of Blount Fine Foods. “We are delighted to offer these new sauces and marinades to allow the consumer to ‘up’ their kitchen game. We demand the highest results in flavor and quality from ourselves so we can provide nothing but the best direct to you!”

“These sauces and marinades are made from only the highest quality ingredients and are loaded with flavor to make consumers’ cooking experience wholesome, easy and delicious,” said Bob Sewall, Chief Customer Officer and Executive Vice President of Blount Fine Foods. “We are very proud to put the Blount Clam Shack name on these new refrigerated sauces and marinades and know consumers will love them for their flavor, versatility and simplicity, which we have enhanced by sharing dozens of Blount family favorite recipes and meal ideas on our website.”

Each variety of sauce or marinade comes in an 8.5-9.5-ounce glass bottle, which is enough to prepare a typical dinner for 3-4 people. Available in the seafood section, suggested retail pricing for Blount’s bottled sauces is $4.49.

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