Blue Circle Foods Introduces Sustainably Sourced Shrimp

WASHINGTON, DC – Pacific White Shrimp is the latest catch from sustainable seafood company Blue Circle Foods. Farmed in partnership with Lanec Corporation, Blue Circle Shrimp is raised with high ecological standards in remote Ecuador and provides an affordable sustainable choice for shoppers. It is available for purchase through Blue Circle’s online store at $19.99.

Lanec, a family-owned farm located on a remote coast of Ecuador, raises native Pacific White Shrimp in spacious ocean-water ponds with minimal environmental impact and without harm to mangroves. Conventional shrimp farms in South East Asia often cause the widespread destruction of mangroves, small trees known for their ability to store carbon and slow global warming, that are vital to environmental stability. According to NASA, between 2000-2016, 62% of mangrove loss was due to human impact.

“We are thrilled to be working with a family farm with such an excellent reputation for sustainability and dedication to growth in its community,” says Nina Damato, Blue Circle Food’s product director. “Our shrimp will provide customers with a tasty option that is nutritious, with none of the chemical additives found in conventional shrimp.”

Sustainable, ethically raised shrimp is becoming increasingly hard to find, making Blue Circle Shrimp stand out in a sea of brands. Blue Circle Shrimp is raised in low-density ponds that provide 10 times the space of typical enclosures and greatly lower risk of disease, giving the shrimp room to thrive in clean water free from harmful chemicals and contaminants. The farm also works with local communities to create career opportunities that provide fair wages and upward mobility.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a well-balanced meal that includes shellfish, like shrimp, can contribute to a heart-healthy diet and assist with children’s growth and development. Shrimp are lean, low-calorie and a good source of protein. They contain essential nutrients and are low in saturated fat. Blue Circle Shrimp can be cooked in a variety of ways and perfectly pairs with salad or pasta.

Blue Circle Shrimp is available online in the following SKU:
●    16oz Raw Shrimp – $19.99


About Blue Circle Foods
Founded in 2005, Blue Circle Foods is at the forefront of a revolution in production, practice and taste in seafood. With deep roots in the organic industry, Blue Circle Foods brings its groundbreaking spirit to the oceans with a bold mission to change the way the world consumes seafood. Blue Circle sources the most responsible farm-raised and wild-caught fish to ensure that both present and future consumers can enjoy high quality seafood. Blue Circle Foods is the parent company of the Changing Seas sustainable seafood brand, sold exclusively at Whole Foods Market. For more information on Blue Circle Foods and Changing Seas, visit