Blumar Welcomes New Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Rating For Chile’s Magallanes Region

(MIAMI, FL) – Blumar has welcomed the latest rating from Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch®, showing a positive progress to its “yellow list” as a good alternative for farmed Atlantic salmon from Chile’s Magallanes region. This is a major milestone, that will help differentiate the Magallanes origin, including Blumar´s Laguna Blanca brand, as these lists have a strong influence on hundreds of professional seafood buyers and thousands of consumers. 

“At Blumar, we take our commitment to sustainable seafood incredibly seriously,” said Daniel Montoya, sales & marketing director of Blumar. “We are very excited about this recognition and have been working hard to get Monterey Bay to recommend our Magallanes salmon as Good Alternative as we continually explore how we can ensure that the products we deliver are being responsibly farmed. We have enjoyed a good reputation with our Aquaculture Stewardship Council-certified salmon, and now this is achievement is an additional boost that will open our doors to customers that follow Seafood Watch.” 

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program creates science-based recommendations that help consumers and businesses make ocean-friendly seafood choices. The Seafood Watch list assigns seafood a red, yellow, or green rating, based on their sustainability and environmental impact. Red is “avoid,” yellow is “good alternative” and green is “best choice.” 

Salmon farming methods and management in the Magallanes region have proved to be sustainable according to Seafood Watch’s assessment, prompting the yellow rating.  

Laguna Blanca is exclusively distributed in the U.S. by BluGlacier, one of Chile’s largest salmon importers to the U.S., that has distributed premium and reliable salmon products over the past ten years to retailers, restaurants, and wholesalers. Widely recognized for producing Chile’s most sustainable farmed salmon, Blumar has also been recognized by the prestigious Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) with a certification for its responsible fish farming. 

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About BluGlacier: 

BluGlacier LLC is the jointly owned North American sales office for Blumar SA and Ventisqueros SA, two of Chile’s most respected and experienced salmon producers. Both companies own all aspects of their salmon production, including freshwater hatcheries, saltwater farms and primary and secondary processing facilities. BluGlacier, one of the three largest Chilean salmon importers to the U.S. by volume, is recognized for delivering high quality products and creating strong supply partnerships with customers. For more information, visit