Blumar Magallanes is Chile’s First Atlantic Salmon Farm to Win ‘Antimicrobial-Free’ Approval

MIAMI, FLORIDA – Blumar proudly announces that its Canal Bertrand site in Chile’s Magellan region is the country’s first Atlantic salmon center certified under Sernapesca’s Program for the Optimization of the Use of Antimicrobials (PROA). This recognition confirms that its salmon production is free from the use of antimicrobials and is part of Blumar’s larger strategy to certify the majority of their centers in order to produce in a sustainable way.

“This tremendous achievement marks a very important milestone for us, and it is validation that our work is on the right track,” says Ignacio Covacevich, Regional Manager of Blumar Magallanes. “In order to reach our goal, we heavily rely on solid teamwork, which begins with good planning, selection of the appropriate strain for the environmental conditions of Magallanes as well as excellent coordination with operational activities to achieve a good cycle.”

The PROA classification is very demanding and consists of continuous monitoring through periodic fish sampling and complete traceability of the diets supplied to the salmon. During the entire cycle, the production conditions are audited to ensure they meet a higher standard defined by the respected Sernapesca organization.

PROA is also framed within guidelines established by international technical organizations that seek to reduce the use of antibiotics in food industries. These include the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE); the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Sernapesca reported that in 2020, the Antimicrobial Consumption Index in the Chilean salmon industry was 0.035%, confirming the downward trend of the last five years, far from the 0.063% of 2015. The ICA indicates the relationship between the amount of active ingredient used, divided by the salmonid harvest of the year. Thus, if in 2015 the industry used 557 tons of antimicrobials and produced 883 thousand tons of salmonids, in 2020 it used 379.6 tons of antimicrobials and produced 1,075,000 tons.

Blumar, one of the two partners at BluGlacier, has distributed premium and reliable salmon products in the U.S. over the past ten years to wholesalers such as Kroger, CostCo and Sam’s Club. Widely recognized for producing sustainable farmed salmon, Blumar has also been recognized by the prestigious Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) with a certification for its responsible fish farming.

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About BluGlacier:

BluGlacier LLC is the jointly owned North American sales office for Blumar SA and Ventisqueros SA, two of Chile’s most respected and experienced salmon producers. Both companies own all aspects of their salmon production, including freshwater hatcheries, saltwater farms and primary and secondary processing facilities. BluGlacier, one of the three largest Chilean salmon importers to the U.S. by volume, is recognized for delivering high quality products and creating strong supply partnerships with customers. For more information, visit