Consumers Able to Order Seafood Online Through Anderson Seafoods

ANAHEIM, Calif. – California-based Anderson Seafoods remains committed to offering a reliable platform for shoppers to order seafood online. A leading purveyor of high-quality fresh and frozen seafood for more than 40 years, the company is working hard to make sure that buying fresh seafood online has never been easier, in turn, meeting the needs and expectations of customers amidst the global health crisis. In addition to proudly serving as the best place to buy fish online, Anderson Seafoods is also offering free next-day shipping for all orders over $165, ensuring that customers can cook favorite five-star meals at home.

During these unprecedented times, their team believes it’s important to step up and address the unique challenges that customers are facing. For Anderson Seafoods, this includes providing a safe and reliable marketplace for online seafood purchases, with seafood products sourced from responsible, quality-driven partners around the globe. The wide variety of seafood products available for online purchase include fresh and frozen salmonswordfishlobster, and scallops, as well as expertly prepared seafood burgers, potstickers, and much more.

Building on years of dedication to sustainable sourcing, Anderson Seafoods continues to support their eco-friendly mission during these unprecedented times. Their team strongly believes this will have a real impact in the marketplace and, ultimately, in the waters. The increased demand for convenient and sustainable seafood will help support healthy oceans and improved fishing practices.

Anderson Seafoods has been delivering the world’s best seafood to restaurants and homes for more than four decades and is upholding the highest standards during this global crisis. Browse the best collection of fresh and frozen seafood products online and make gourmet meals right at home. Next-day shipping is free for all orders over $165, and standard shipping procedures continue to be in full operation.

The team at Anderson Seafoods works directly with suppliers to source restaurant-quality seafood and deliver it directly to customers. Place an order today and discover the difference that a commitment to quality and sustainability can make.

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