Earth Ocean Farms Is Awarded The Largest Marine Finfish Concession In Mexico

LA PAZ, Mexico — Earth Ocean Farms, a leader in marine finfish aquaculture in Mexico, has been awarded a commercial ocean concession of 343 hectares in Baja California Sur as a part of Mexico's policy of producing sustainably farmed fish.

Advanced in offshore cage technology and species development, EOF is proud of its Ocean Health record as was noted by National Geographic and this year’s PBS production of “Earth a New Wild," EOF believes that more farmed varieties of finfish species are needed in our marketplaces. By developing multiple species and good aquaculture farm practices, EOF seeks to relieve pressure on declining wild fish stocks while creating new jobs.

Earth Ocean Farms understands that no farmed species goes extinct. Through a special permit called an UMA, EOF raises and contributes to the protection of the endangered fish Totoaba (Totoaba macdonaldi).

EOF is also the first fish farm in the world to raise the delicious and highly-sought Red Snapper/Huachinango – Pargo (Lutjanus peru).

As the farm expands into the commercial concession, it will continue to help diversify the economy of Baja California Sur and create many new direct and indirect jobs. The farm also contributes to President Enrique Peña Nieto’s Cruzada Nacional Contra el Hambre by providing healthy seafood options to Mexican consumers.

Mario Aguilar, National Commissioner of Aquaculture and Fisheries, said, "This reflects our support and commitment to the development of mariculture activity which has great potential in our country; it already is becoming a reality as well as our dedication to sustainable activities.”

Earth Ocean Farms appreciates the support of the Mexican government and Mexico’s National Commission for Fisheries and Aquaculture’s (CONAPESCA) efforts as an innovator. With decisions like this to grow the category of sustainable fish in Mexico, CONAPESCA continues to demonstrate Mexico’s leadership in mariculture and a commitment to the long term sustainability of the industry which is the fastest growing sector of the food industry.

About Earth Ocean Farms

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