Fulton Fish Market and First Down Materials form Partnership to Enhance Historic Waterfront Connectivity and Foster Community Growth

NEW YORK — The Fulton Fish Market Cooperative, the largest fish market in the United States for over 200 years, today announced it has partnered with First Down Materials for a transformative barging agreement – a strategic collaboration set to redefine the Market’s operational dynamics and community engagement. This partnership, valued at over $75 million, symbolizes a significant milestone in Fulton Fish Market Cooperatives legacy, by rekindling its historical essence and reestablishing the waterfront presence.

Fulton Fish Market Cooperative has faced challenges in maintaining its historic identity following its relocation to South Bronx from Manhattan and sees this collaboration as a pivotal step forward towards the revitalization of its maritime roots. This partnership not only aligns with Mayor Adams’, NYCEDC and DOT’s Blue Highway initiative, aiming to revitalize New York City’s waterways for commercial use, but also promises to reinvigorate the Hunts Point market’s access and logistical efficiency.

First Down Materials, partner to the fish market in this critical venture, brings to the table a profound understanding and respect for the South Bronx’s rich history and cultural fabric, largely due to its CEOs longstanding family involvement as one of the larger businesses in the area since the late 70’s. The company’s expertise and legacy, especially demonstrated through their work with Con Agg Recycling and its subsequent transition to the sale of the home of The Bronx Logistic Center, positions them as ideal partners for this ambitious project.

Paul Granito, CEO of First Down Materials, reflects on the partnership’s deeper significance, stating, “This collaboration is a testament to the legacy my father, Jim, and his esteemed partners have contributed to building the south Bronx. When they arrived, it was literally on fire and now the Bronx is a beacon of hope. It’s an honor to extend this legacy through our partnership with the Fulton Fish Market, further enriching the South Bronx’s cultural and economic landscape. We are committed to leveraging this opportunity to foster community projects that promote education, prison reform, local hiring, and economic development through green initiatives. We also look forward to expanding on the NYC waterfront in partnership with the Fulton Fish Market Cooperative.”

Echoing this sentiment, Nicole Ackerina, CEO of the Fulton Fish Market Cooperative expressed her enthusiasm: “Partnering with an organization that deeply understands the South Bronx’s rich history and culture is incredibly exciting. This partnership reaffirms the Fulton Fish Market Cooperative’s dedication to adapting through changing times while preserving our storied heritage. It opens doors to future opportunities and growth that were previously unimaginable. Our market had access to a thriving waterfront for 185 years of our existence, and we’re looking forward to it being the means to go back to our roots and to create a more sustainable future for both the market and NYC green economy. The goals of our partnership are wholly aligned with the City’s Blue Highway initiatives and will enable us to start reducing the carbon impact of Hunts Point’s heavily industrial distribution logistics, NOW.”

This partnership is envisioned as more than a business venture; it’s a commitment to sustainable development, community upliftment, and environmental stewardship. By adopting waterways as a viable transportation alternative, the Fulton Fish Market Cooperative and First Down Materials are setting new standards for sustainable commerce and community-centric development in New York City. The Fulton Fish Market Cooperative eagerly anticipates the fruits of this collaboration, poised to enhance its operational capabilities and strengthen its connection to its historical roots, thereby ensuring a vibrant future for itself and the communities it serves.

**About Fulton Fish Market**
Established in 1822, the Fulton Fish Market in New York City stands as one of the oldest and most significant fish markets in the United States, offering an extensive selection of seafood to restaurants, retailers, and consumers alike.

**About First Down Materials**
With its roots deeply embedded in the South Bronx, First Down Materials specializes in barging and material handling solutions. Backed by the Granito family and their private equity partners, First Down Materials is dedicated to sustainable practices and the betterment of community life.