How the Massachusetts Seafood Industry Has Adapted to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Jared Auerbach first saw the effects of the coronavirus pandemic in early January, when seafood orders from Boston’s Chinatown and Chinatowns across the country slowly stopped coming.

At first, the founder of The best red, a Boston-based seafood distributor, was not overly concerned.

“The second week of March, we went down 20 percent,” he said. “Things were starting to get a little weird. We spent the weekend and lost some sleep over the weekend, but it felt good. ”

On March 17, restaurants in Mass. Were ordered to close, and Auerbach, who founded Red’s Best in 2008, saw his business collapse when he made the difficult decision to suspend the vast majority of its staff. For someone who spent years concentrating intensely on balancing the supply of the sea with the demand of the public, many of them restaurant chefs, now he wondered: “What is our contingency plan?”

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