IPNLF Welcomes The Green Fish Company as its Newest Member

Established in 2022 and partnering with the artisanal fishers who form the St. Helena Commercial Fishermen’s Association, on the British South Atlantic territory of St. Helena Island, The Green Fish Company (TGFC) was born out of the desire to offer consumers a premium canned yellowfin tuna that is sustainably and ethically sourced, and British.

The Green Fish Company plans to reopen an original cannery site on the island to deliver one-by-one caught tuna. As St Helena is a British Overseas Territory, TGFC aims to offer the first ever British one-by-one caught tuna. By fishing with these pole-and-line methods under strict quotas, the cannery can ensure all tuna produced is environmentally sustainable and socially responsible.

Their mission is for their tuna to always be caught using only the ‘One hook, One line, One fish at a time’ (one-by-one) method and for their product to go to market as ‘British caught, British processed and British canned tuna’. Their commitment is supported by the 2021 St Helena Fisheries Bill, which banned the use of destructive tuna fishing gears throughout St Helena’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), making these waters one of the world’s first exclusively one-by-one tuna fishing zones. This legislation not only helps to ensure the long-term protection of the island’s valuable tuna resources, and the fishers that critically rely upon them, but it has also opened up new market opportunities and created a space for companies like TGFC.The same principles that TGFC supports on the water are embedded in their business operations and they are committed to entering this complex market in the most ethical, responsible way possible with full transparency on their operations and processes. They hope that, in offering consumers a new choice, they can set a new standard in the British tuna market for sustainability.


The International Pole and Line Foundation (IPNLF) is an international charity, established in the United Kingdom in 2012 (Charity no. 1145586), which empowers one-by-one tuna fisheries which give back to the seas and the people that depend on them around the world to create a fairer, more sustainable, equitable world for all.We believe that environmental sustainability in tuna fisheries can only be fully achieved by putting an end to overfishing and the destructive fishing practices that are driving the degradation of already threatened marine species, habitats and ecosystems. In response, we work across science, policy and the seafood sector, to ensure that tuna fisheries operate in a manner that preserves ocean resources for future generations. We believe effective and equitable global governance is essential to protect and restore the ocean, and that this should be achieved by ensuring the participation of local and coastal communities in decision-making processes.Our members are based around the world, and include fisheries, processors, distributors, brands, food services and retailers. Through these partnerships, we drive fisheries improvements in line with the SDGs, enable and promote responsible tuna sourcing, and elevate the market recognition of one-by-one tuna fisheries. Our growing membership base is a testament to the increased demand by consumers for responsibly sourced seafood, as well as IPNLF’s role in connecting responsible supply chain actors throughout the one-by-one tuna community.

About The Green Fish Company

The Green Fish Company (TGFC) was founded to raise the bar, set new standards, and to challenge the status-quo.The fishermen partnering with The Green Fish Company operate from inshore boats returning with their catches at the end of each day. Their tuna will boast the credentials of being 100% dolphin friendly, FAD-free, caught with zero bycatch and without damaging the marine ecosystem. With total transparency and through careful management of the fish we procure from individual fishermen, our canned tuna will have 100% traceability from catch to can.

TGFC aims to be the first native British brand and distributor of canned yellowfin, sourced directly from Saint Helena, available from 2023 onwards.