Maine Lobster Harvest Value Jumps By 46 Million

State officials say Maine fishermen caught $46 million more worth of lobster in 2018 than they did the previous year.

Maine lobstermen caught 120 million pounds of lobster worth $484 million last year, the fishery’s third-highest annual total value ever, the Maine Department of Marine Resources said Friday morning. That amount is 8 million pounds more than the 112 million pounds they caught in 2017, and $46 million more than the $438 million worth that they brought ashore in Maine that same year.

The average statewide per-pound price that fishermen were paid for their catch increased from $3.92 to $4.05 per pound, DMR said. That average makes 2018 the seventh year out of the past 15 years in which Maine lobstermen have earned more than $4 per pound.

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