Prime Shrimp Brings Frozen Shrimp Offering to Los Angeles Market With Bristol Farms

NEW ORLEANS, La.–Prime Shrimp is thrilled to announce its retail expansion into Southern California through placement in Bristol Farms locations across the greater Los Angeles area. Four flavors of Prime Shrimp are now offered to Bristol Farms shoppers, marking the latest milestone in Prime Shrimp’s coast-to-coast retail presence.

“Our vision at Prime Shrimp is to make delicious, high-quality seafood accessible to every type of shopper and home chef, and our mission is to get shrimp in the shopping carts of more consumers, more often,” said Davis McCool, Business Development Supervisor at Prime Shrimp. “Working with Bristol Farms marks another milestone of achievement toward both our mission and vision, and we are delighted to offer our shrimp to retail customers across the Los Angeles Metro Area.”

Prime Shrimp, a company steeped in nearly 80 years of seafood industry knowledge, is working to revolutionize the seafood category with a fresh take on shrimp offerings. The brand offers sustainably sourced seasoned and sauced shrimp in vacuum-packed boil-in-bag technology unlike anything else seen in common seafood aisles today. With this unique value-added product, Prime Shrimp combines the best of quality and convenience to make shrimp a quick protein option for home chefs of any skill level.

Bristol Farms is widely recognized as the leading gourmet grocer in Southern California. The 14-location grocer brings people together around cooking and sharing of delicious food through curated offerings that encourage discovery of new flavors and new brands, while also providing traditional grocery essentials in a beautiful environment. Their work with Prime Shrimp aligns with their mission to create a superior shopping experience featuring unique, elevated products.

Prime Shrimp was created to bridge the gap between the large number of consumers who love shrimp and the relatively small number who regularly purchase it to cook at home. Prime Shrimp’s innovative cook-in-bag from frozen format eliminates common barriers to seafood consumption including unpleasant smells, tedious thaw steps, messy prep work, and unfamiliarity with cooking seafood, making shrimp a more attractive, accessible option for shoppers.

Available in a range of sauced and seasoned varieties, Prime Shrimp’s frozen shrimp are carefully peeled, deveined, and packed with precision in the United States, delivering unmatched freshness and quality. Bristol Farms will feature four flavors in total, spanning Prime Shrimp’s lines of seasoned and sauced products. From Prime Shrimp’s seasoned line, Bristol Farms will offer Louisiana Boil and Signature. From Prime Shrimp’s sauced line, Bristol Farms will offer French Quarter Alfredo and Garlic Herb Butter.

Editor’s Notes

About Prime Shrimp

Prime Shrimp makes restaurant-quality seafood accessible at home. Headquartered in New Orleans, Prime Shrimp was created by the original shrimp experts: the foremost inventors in shrimp peeling technology. We’ve combined three generations in the shrimp game with easy cooking methods, sustainable sourcing, and world-class flavors, so food lovers everywhere can add delicious, clean seafood to any meal. In an era when increasingly fast-paced lifestyles mean less time for home-cooked meals, Prime Shrimp upscales convenience food, so even busy and beginner home chefs can eat gourmet any day of the week.