a2 Milk Adds Grassfed Whole & Reduced Fat Milk to Product Lineup

April 6, 2023 a2 Milk Company

The a2 Milk Company™ – the fastest growing premium milk brand in the U.S. – has expanded into grassfed milk in the U.S. with two new products that recently debuted at major natural food retailers including full nationwide distribution at Whole Foods and Sprouts. The new a2 Milk® Grassfed Whole Milk and a2 Milk® Grassfed 2% Reduced Fat Milk are Certified Regenerative by AGW, Non-GMO Project Verified, and Validus Certified for animal welfare and are among the first grassfed products in the A2 protein category.

What is A2 Milk Anyway?

January 3, 2023 ALI FRANCIS, Bon Apetit

Cow’s milk has had a tough couple of decades. And I’m not just talking about oat and almond milk stealing dairy’s thunder. Depending on which studies and articles you read, milk is either good for you or bad for you. On one hand, it’s full of protein and calcium. On the other, it’s high in saturated fat and sugar. Not to mention, it’s the alleged cause of many farts. But what if cow’s milk has just been misunderstood all these years?

Bellwether Farms’ A2 Organic Cow Yogurt Selected as Winner in Good Housekeeping’s 2022 Healthy Snack Awards

July 11, 2022 Bellwether Farms

Bellwether Farms, a family-owned creamery based in Sonoma County, is honored to announce that its A2 Organic Cow Yogurt has won a spot in the Good Housekeeping 2022 Healthy Snack Awards in the Unique Yogurts category. 

Will a2 Milk ever pay a dividend?

More than $10 billion has been wiped off the value of a2 Milk since the company unveiled a series of earnings downgrades over 2020 and 2021.

a2 Milk & Hershey to Release Co-Branded Chocolate Milk

November 8, 2021 a2 Milk Company

The a2 Milk Company™ and The Hershey Company today announced the upcoming release of co-branded Hershey’s/The a2 Milk Company chocolate milk, marking Hershey’s first partnership with a premium milk company. The new Hershey’s a2 Milk® will pair America’s #1 milk chocolate brand with one of America’s fastest-growing premium milk brands to provide a natural chocolate milk that uniquely combines the taste, nutrition and all-family appeal that should drive premium milk sales.