Shhhhh, Big Dairy Is in Bed With Almond Milk

While farmers loudly voice their complaints about alt-dairy products, conventional processors are starting to churn them out alongside traditional milk, aiming to cash in on their fast-growing popularity in the U.S.

You’ll Soon be able to Make Your Own Almond Milk at Whole Foods

March 29, 2019 Purewow

Regular milk? Yawn. These days, everyone and their grandmother is all about alternative dairy like oat milk and cashew milk. And one of the most popular choices is creamy almonds. Which is why the recent addition of bottle-your-own almond milk machines to Whole Foods is pretty damn exciting.

Blue Diamond Pursues Growing Almond Milk, Creamer Markets

Sacramento’s Blue Diamond Growers is doubling down on its nut milk beverages by introducing more flavors and products, and expanding its capacity.

The First Amendment and the Right to Call a Product “Milk”

The difference between cow’s milk and almond milk probably wasn’t a consideration when the Founders crafted the First Amendment, but a fight over “milk” that doesn’t come from mammals could be coming to a court shortly.

Freshly Squeezed Almond Milk Might Be Coming to a Grocery Store Near You

December 21, 2018 Rebecca Firkser, Food & Wine

When it comes to almond milk, you basically have two options. You can go to the store and grab a carton, or you can DIY. Packaged almond milk can be watery and packed with fillers, and while homemade almond milk has a creamy-dreamy texture and flavor, it takes hours and involves a lot of gear to make. A new company called NuMilk presents another option.