Chick-fil-A Drops ‘No Antibiotics’ Pledge on Chicken, Citing Supply

The new standard will instead allow the company to use chickens that have been treated with antibiotics, although not those drugs “that are important to human medicine and commonly used to treat people.”

Tyson Foods To Drop ‘No Antibiotics Ever’ Label on Some Chicken Products

July 6, 2023 Reuters

Tyson Foods is reintroducing certain antibiotics to its chicken supply chain and will drop its “no antibiotics ever” tagline from Tyson-branded chicken products, a Tyson spokesperson said on Sunday.

Big Meat Just Can’t Quit Antibiotics

January 23, 2023 Kenny Torrella, Vox

For decades, evidence had amassed that the widespread use of antibiotics to help chickens, pigs, and cattle grow faster — and survive the crowded conditions of factory farms — was causing bacteria to mutate and develop resistance to antibiotics. By 2009, US agriculture companies were buying up two-thirds of what are termed medically important antibiotics — those used in human medicine. This in turn has made those precious, lifesaving drugs less effective for people.

McDonald’s Quietly Updates Policies on Antibiotic Use in Beef Supplies

The following is a statement from Lena Brook, Director of Food Campaigns at NRDC.

Whole Foods is Sued Over ‘No Antibiotics, Ever’ Beef Claim

August 26, 2022 Jonathan Stempel, Reuters

Whole Foods Market was sued on Tuesday by three consumers and an animal welfare nonprofit, in a lawsuit accusing the Inc unit of falsely marketing beef with the slogan “No Antibiotics, Ever.”