Applegate Farms LLC Announces $50,000 Support American Farmland Trust’s Brighter Future Fund

April 8, 2024 Applegate Farms

In its commitment to supporting the next  generation of farmers,  APPLEGATE®, the nation’s leading natural and organic meat brand, has announced a new partnership with American Farmland Trust (AFT) in a $50,000 donation to the AFT’s Brighter Future Fund, a program that helps farmers and ranchers nationwide improve their viability, access, transfer, or permanently protect farmland, and adopt regenerative agricultural* practices.

Applegate Farms, LLC Partners with Tyler Cameron to Invite Fans Around the World to Reclaim Their Inner Meathead

January 12, 2024 Applegate Farms

APPLEGATE®, the nation’s leading natural and organic meat brand, has announced a partnership with television personality, entrepreneur and philanthropist Tyler Cameron in a video that encourages fans to flip the script on restrictive thinking regarding New Year’s resolutions and instead celebrate the smart protein choices they make daily. The partnership, announced last week through a Public Service Announcement-style video, invites consumers to embrace a new, uplifting definition for the insult, Meathead.

Applegate Farms, LLC with Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) Launches Applegate FARE-Off Recipe Contest

May 8, 2023 Applegate Farms

It’s time to FARE-Off in support of those with food allergies nationwide! Applegate – the nation’s leading natural and organic meat brand – announced, in partnership with Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), the first-ever FARE-Off Recipe Contest.

Applegate Farms, LLC Reveals its line-up of “Feel Good” Pros to Help Applegatarians Stay in a “Feel Good” Mindset This Year

February 13, 2023 Applegate Farms

Want to “feel good” in 2023? Applegate, the nation’s leading natural and organic meat brand, revealed its first-ever lineup of “Feel Good” Pros, a panel of industry experts called together by the brand to help consumers stay in a “feel good” mindset through food, movement and nutrition. Each expert’s advice – which ranges from tips for morning mindfulness to recipes for a delicious, fueling breakfast – is available now on the “Feel Good” Pros website:

Applegate Farms, LLC Gives Away Thousands of DO GOOD DOG Hot Dogs and Making New York City’s “Dirty Water Carts” More Energy Efficient

July 27, 2022 Applegate Farms

APPLEGATE is celebrating National Hot Dog Day by offering a cleaner and greener solution1 to Summer hot dog cravings: the DO GOOD DOG™ hot dog – the first nationally available hot dog made with beef raised with practices that regenerate the land. From free hot dogs in select cities2 and substantially discounted hot dogs nationwide to the launch of more sustainable “dirty water dog” carts in NYC, Applegate is celebrating coast to coast.