Applewood Fresh Expands Into Asparagus

April 18, 2019 Applewood Fresh Growers

Applewood Fresh Growers LLC has expanded to offer fresh Michigan asparagus in addition to its apples. The asparagus season in Michigan lasts from approximately May 10 to June 25. This is a tight window for the harvesting season, so the company’s partner, New Era’s American Asparagus, is sharp day in and day out on production.

Applewood Fresh Growers Announces Company Launch

January 9, 2019 Applewood Fresh Growers LLC

“Our work is about more than just sales or profit,” said Scott Swindeman, owner at Applewood Fresh and fourth-generation grower and partner at Applewood Orchards. “We take pride in serving as a reliable partner to our growers and customers, providing access to healthy, great-tasting fruit to people across the country and cultivating strong industry relationships along the way.”