ThroughPut.AI and Inteligistics Announce Strategic Partnership to Transform Agriculture and Fresh Produce Supply Chains

May 28, 2024 ThroughPut Inc.

ThroughPut.AI, in collaboration with Inteligistics, will enable growers, suppliers, carriers, distributors, and retailers to significantly improve the efficiency of their supply and cold chain operations, thus ensuring that all fresh products – ranging from berries and vegetables to fish and meat – is sold profitably on-time and in-full for faster, fresher and safer delivery with full supply chain visibility.

Walmart Commerce Technologies Launches AI-Powered Logistics Product

May 14, 2024 Walmart Inc.

Route Optimization provides businesses of all sizes the use of AI-driven software to optimize driving routes, pack trailers efficiently and minimize miles traveled. Using this same custom technology, Walmart avoided 94 million pounds of CO² by eliminating 30 million unnecessary miles driven and optimized routes to bypass 110,000 inefficient paths. Walmart won the prestigious Franz Edelman Award in 2023 for building and deploying this technology at scale.

New C.H. Robinson Technology Breaks a Decades-Old Barrier to Automation in the Logistics Industry

May 7, 2024 C.H. Robinson

Using artificial intelligence, C.H. Robinson’s new technology classifies incoming email, reads it and replicates the steps a person would take to fulfill a customer’s request. For example, shippers often still choose to send an email asking for a price quote rather than log into a digital platform. On an average business day, the global logistics company receives over 11,000 emails from customers and carriers requesting pricing on truckload freight.

Sodexo to Launch Thousands of Hot Food-Producing Robots Across Healthcare, Education, and Corporate Industries

April 29, 2024 Sodexo North America

In a visionary move aimed at redefining hot food robotic technology, Sodexo and ART have announced a partnership to deploy thousands of state-of-the-art hot food robotic kiosks across Sodexo-served facilities throughout the U.S. A culmination of Sodexo’s global leadership and ART’s progress in robotics and AI, this partnership will establish new benchmarks in the automated dining domain.

TradeBeyond Introduces AI-Powered Supply Chain Traceability Tools

April 24, 2024 TradeBeyond

TradeBeyond remains at the forefront of supply chain traceability. Its latest platform enhancements incorporate artificial intelligence to automate documentary verification and document chain of custody. These improvements bolster efficiency, security, and reliability. Advanced AI verifies the authenticity and integrity of products, tracing their journey from raw materials to production and delivery in compliance with increasing ESG regulations and standards.