Blue Apron Holdings, Inc. Announces Changes to Operations Management Team and Reiterates Second Quarter Outlook

May 29, 2020 Blue Apron

Effective immediately, Jason Hatcher, vice president of operations, and Greg Wysocki, vice president of procurement and supply chain will assume leadership of Blue Apron’s fulfillment and supply chain operations and will report directly to Chief Executive Officer Linda Findley Kozlowski. Alan Blake, chief operating officer will be leaving the company on June 1 to pursue another opportunity.

Blue Apron Joins How2Recycle Label Program

March 25, 2020 Blue Apron

Blue Apron is proud to announce that it is the first meal kit company to join the How2Recycle program, a respected standardized labeling system that clearly communicates recycling instructions to the public.

Blue Apron Introduces Beyond Meat on Menus Beginning in August

July 18, 2019 Blue Apron

Beginning this summer, home cooks across the country can explore cooking seasonal recipes from Blue Apron that feature plant-based proteins from Beyond Meat.

Murray’s Cheese and Blue Apron Will Ship a Charcuterie Spread to Your Door

Starting this week (as of May 1), two Cheese & Charcuterie collections are being offered by Blue Apron as part of an ongoing partnership with Murray’s. The collections feature, of course, cheeses from Murray’s and meats curated by the Blue Apron test kitchen. Here’s a look at what’s in both new collections:

Blue Apron Switches Meal-Kit Strategy in Hopes of Becoming Profitable in 2019

February 4, 2019 Amelia Lucas, CNBC

Meal-kit companies originally built their businesses using subscription models and deep discounts that didn’t result in long-term customer loyalty. But to create a sustainable, profitable business, Blue Apron is changing its strategy.