D’Arrigo California Brings Awareness, Hope and Cooking for a Cure in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

October 20, 2021 D’Arrigo California

Studies show a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables can lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of obesity, glycemic disorders, cancers and cardiovascular diseases.  Produce company, D’Arrigo California is partnering with Candice Walker, foodie influencer of Proportional Plate, to host a virtual and interactive cooking class featuring Andy Boy produce.

D’Arrigo California’s Commitment to Breast Cancer Research

October 11, 2021 D’Arrigo California

Breast cancer is among the leading health issues women face in the United States. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.  These statistics are both alarming and growing, which is one of the reasons why D’Arrigo California began its partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) back in 1999.  To date D’Arrigo California has donated $2 million dollars to fund over 42,000 hours of cancer research. 

Cedar’s Foods Partners with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

September 17, 2020 Cedar’s Foods

Cedar’s Foods a Ward Hill, Massachusetts-based company with national distribution of Hommus and Mediterranean products has partnered with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation by donating $ 50,000 in 2020.