The Court of Bari Enjoins Illegal Grape Production

In a landmark decision, the Court of Bari issued a first-of-its-kind injunction forbidding an Italian grape producer from harvesting or selling any table grapes from unauthorized plantings of Sugrathirtyfive variety (AUTUMNCRISP® brand) grapevines.

Partnership Shares Genetics for Earlier Ripening Sweet Cherries

Sun World International, a global fruit genetics and licensing company, and Washington State University have joined forces to develop a new generation of high flavor sweet cherries that ripen earlier and are more practical to grow.

IFG to Debut Several New Varieties of Grapes This Summer – Bebop, Julep and Torch

May 6, 2022 IFG

It is time for summer and IFG, the world’s top fruit-breeding and licensing company and creator of the Cotton Candy Grape, has several new and delicious varieties of table grapes that about to hit store shelves including Bebop, Torch and Julep.

Innovation Continues to Drive Tozer Seeds Since its Inception in 1944

April 29, 2022 Tozer Seeds

Tozer Seeds, a world leader in vegetable breeding, reflects on its 78 years in the industry. In a small town just southwest of London, England, Tozer was founded on the fundamental principles of great people, exceptional plant breeding, and high-quality seeds. Tozer has since carried these core values and mission to supply the industry with improved vegetable seed varieties to North America.

Royal Van Zanten and KeyGene Start Partnership to Accelerate the Breeding of Ornamental Crops

March 11, 2022 Royal Van Zanten

Breeder of ornamental crops Royal Van Zanten, and plant research company KeyGene have agreed upon a multiyear partnership in research and development. The partnership will enable Royal Van Zanten, a leading company in pot plants, cut flowers and flower bulbs, to accelerate the development of market focused varieties in its ornamental crops and strengthen its team of passionate breeders and scientists.