Collaborative Development Towards a Colorful Future

Through our early client involvement policy; we intentionally collaborate with different rose growers in the early stages of our breeding processes. Through these partnerships we are able to start initial testing of our new rose selections in different altitudes and markets; giving these new colors a head start.

This is a great approach due to its significance in clients’ relationships and the sustainable breeding of a colorful future. Thursd filming crew captured our collaboration story, which extends to our strategic partnerships with other breeders.

Strategic partnerships add to our growing product portfolio by making different products available and accessible to our clients. Currently, we are involved in a partnership with WAC Breeding, Infinity Breeding, ( formerly Brown Breeding) and we are tasked with executing their commercial activities in Africa. Building upon this approach, we also agreed on a partnership deal with Konst Alstroemeria more than a year ago; this included collaboration in different marketing efforts and showcasing of their varieties in our facilities in Nakuru, Kenya.

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