IFG to Debut Several New Varieties of Grapes This Summer – Bebop, Julep and Torch

It is time for summer and IFG, the world’s top fruit-breeding and licensing company and creator of the Cotton Candy Grape, has several new and delicious varieties of table grapes that about to hit store shelves including Bebop, Torch and Julep.

Below are the many new and favorite grape varieties consumers will be able to see in the stores over the next few months (including Cotton Candy which has been delighting consumers for nearly two decades).

New Exciting Launches:


• Early red seedless • Naturally larger than Flame Seedless • Round berry shape • Pleasant mild muscat flavor • Doesn’t crack • Colors well • Stores well; stems remain bright green in storage

• Consumers love this taste! Mid-season red seedless • Natural large oval, firm berries • Colors easily • Medium bunch size • Stores well • Mild Labrusca flavor; tropical/fruity • Nuances of cherry

• Early to mid-season black seedless • Natural big round berries • Medium bunches • Stores well and keeps flavor in cold storage • Labrusca spicy flavor • Hints of herbs and mint

IFG Popular Table Grape Varieties:

Sweet Sapphire
• Mid-season black seedless • Natural large berry size • Colors well naturally • Unusual shape – elongated tubular with dimpled end • Crisp and good flavor • Excellent stem attachment • Stores well

Candy Dreams
• Mid-season black • Accumulates high sugar • Stays crisp even at 30 °brix • Large bunch size • Medium size berry • Tropical fruity flavor • Nuances of pineapple and mango

Candy Snaps
• Mid to late season red seedless • Oval berry shape • Natural large berry size • Brilliant red color • Crispy firm texture • Excellent fruit quality

Cotton Candy
• Mid-season white to amber seedless • Unique “cotton candy” flavor • Good storage life • Maintains flavor in storage for long period • Will amber with high maturity or excess sunlight

Candy Hearts
• Mid-season red seedless • Elongated oval berry shape • Holds flavor in storage well • May shatter; may have weak berry attachment • Unique fruity muscat/Labrusca flavor

Jack’s Salute
• Mid to late season red seedless • Oval to elongated berry shape • Natural large berry size • Colors well • Firm to crispy • Good flavor • Stores well

Sweet Favors
• Late season black seedless • Oval – elongated berry shape • Firm flesh • Good flavor

Sweet Globe
• Mid-season green seedless • Natural large round to oval berry • Very crunchy • Good flavor – low acidity • Thin skin

Sweet Joy
• Mid-season Autumn Royal type • Comparable to Sweet Favors • Very crisp and firm flesh • Full black – colors easily • Crunchy texture preferred in Asia • Very positive feedback in South Africa, Peru, Chile and Spain

Sugar Crisp
• Late season green seedless • Medium-large elongated berries • Crispy firm texture • Good neutral flavor; low acid • Excellent stem attachment • Excellent storage