Tonnes of Cornish Cheese at Risk of Being Thrown Away

February 11, 2021 BBC

Up to two tonnes of cheese is at risk of being thrown away by a company struggling to sell off its stock during lockdown.

EU Says a Post-Brexit Shellfish Export Ban is Indefinite, After Government Claimed it Was Only Temporary

February 8, 2021 Adam Payne, Politics Home

The European Union has told the UK shellfish industry that thousands of tonnes of oyster, mussel, clam, cockle and scallop exports are banned from the bloc indefinitely.

Brexit Shuts Off Market for English Cheese Truckles

February 5, 2021 Reuters

An English company that has long been selling its wax-coated mini barrels of cheese directly to European consumers says it can no longer do so because of Brexit, pushing it to consider new investment in France.

Brexit Webinars to Support The Global Ornamental Horticulture Industry

International Association of Horticultural Producers invites plant breeders, growers, traders, auctions, distributors, retailers and the landscape sector to two webinars on Wednesday 2 December and Friday 4 December designed to help the horticultural supply chain understand the changes that will come into effect from 1 January 2021.

Love of Stilton Drives Wedge Between UK and Japan in Post-Brexit Trade Talks

Having promised to rush through a post-Brexit trade deal, Japan and Britain made significant progress only to discover that the fate of Stilton has driven a wedge between them.