New Partnership Will Highlight Nutritional Benefits of Bristol Bay Salmon to Babies and Toddlers

August 30, 2021 Alaska Business

Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC), Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association (BBRSDA), and Bambino’s Baby Food are excited to announce a new partnership to promote nutritious Bristol Bay wild salmon to families around the world.

New “Salmon Cooking Guide” Website is Everything You Wanted to Know About How to Cook Great Salmon at Home

Alaska’s Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon, the brand behind the nation’s most abundant source of sustainable wild salmon today, announces the launch of the Salmon Cooking Guide website. The new site aims to inspire salmon eaters and home cooks of any ability with straightforward instructional content for incredible DIY meals.

Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon Brand Makes Big Splash in 2018

The Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon run not only set a record in 2018, but the brand also made a big splash at retailers across the country. The branding program was developed by the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association in 2016 in Boulder, Colorado before being launched nationwide in 2017.