New “Salmon Cooking Guide” Website is Everything You Wanted to Know About How to Cook Great Salmon at Home

BRISTOL BAY, Alaska — Alaska’s Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon, the brand behind the nation’s most abundant source of sustainable wild salmon today, announces the launch of the Salmon Cooking Guide website. The new site aims to inspire salmon eaters and home cooks of any ability with straightforward instructional content for incredible DIY meals. Content features a diverse group of salmon fanatics–from celebrity chefs to Alaska’s favorite home cooks to influencers, all showcasing cooking techniques, easy recipes, a finder tool to locate a salmon retailer nearby, and more. 

The new Salmon Cooking Guide‘s video and recipe content demonstrate how to cook “perfect salmon, five foolproof ways” at home. The site also aims to help everyday home cooks overcome uncertainty about preparing salmon and get inspired to try new meal ideas with help from a broad range of expert contributors. Salmon Cooking Guide contributors include Maya Wilson and Barton Seaver showing baking and roasting salmon, YouTube star Adam Ragusea demonstrating easy pan-searing, Alaska Native art star Apay’uq Moore alongside Bristol Bay fisherman and food blogger Susie Brito covering easy poaching, Chef Kevin Benner of Aqua by El Gaucho instructing grilling technique, and Seattle’s renowned chef Tom Douglas explaining at-home salmon steaming. Additionally, expert tips come from Texas barbecue pitmaster Jess Pryles, Alaska-based chef Kaylah Thomas, and more. The new site also helps find nearby seafood retailers of Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon, including local fishermen-owned businesses and direct-to-your-door delivery options.

Many U.S. households are cooking at home more than ever before, and retail sales of seafood have boomed alongside increased interest for easy, do-it-yourself recipes. The fishermen-funded Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon brand created the new Salmon Cooking Guide site to support consumers who may be trying salmon for the first time at home or looking for fresh new meal ideas. A “work-from-home” visual theme is a common thread in the video content, aiming to relate to consumers’ lives at home through much of 2020 and into 2021.

About Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon: The Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon brand is managed by the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association, funded by the 8,000 commercial fishermen in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Learn more at and