Bristol Bay Sockeye Run Set to Shatter Records

From the pristine waters of Bristol Bay, the harvest of sockeye salmon, a legendary culinary experience, is set to break records. Consumers and chefs can’t wait for July when the opportunity to enjoy this memorable fish comes once again. 

In One Place, For One Fish, Climate Change May be a Boon

October 7, 2021 Miranda Weiss, The Atlantic

Bristol Bay’s sockeye harvest has long made up about half of the global catch of this species, in a seasonal blitz as short as it is enormous. And this year, Bristol Bay outdid itself, notching the largest sockeye run in the region’s recorded history with an astonishing 66 million returning fish. Even more astonishing, this season capped nearly a decade of extraordinarily high salmon returns in Bristol Bay, where sockeye harvests have reached more than 50 percent above the most recent 20-year average.

Peter Pan Raises Bristol Bay Base Price; Meager King Salmon Return Shuts Alaska Fisheries

Peter Pan Seafood raised its base price for sockeye salmon in Bristol Bay from $1.10 to $1.25 “after gauging the strength of the run and the market,” said the company in a press release.

New “Salmon Cooking Guide” Website is Everything You Wanted to Know About How to Cook Great Salmon at Home

Alaska’s Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon, the brand behind the nation’s most abundant source of sustainable wild salmon today, announces the launch of the Salmon Cooking Guide website. The new site aims to inspire salmon eaters and home cooks of any ability with straightforward instructional content for incredible DIY meals.

Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon Brand Makes Big Splash in 2018

The Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon run not only set a record in 2018, but the brand also made a big splash at retailers across the country. The branding program was developed by the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association in 2016 in Boulder, Colorado before being launched nationwide in 2017.