Oysterman Jakov Jurisic; “Gulf Oyster Industry a Catastrophe”

The Gulf oyster industry, along with other Gulf seafood, is in a historic nosedive never before seen.  The perfect storm of too much water, a national pandemic and the closure of restaurant after restaurant have forced those in the industry to reexamine the path forward.

Louisiana oysterman Jakov Jurisic is no stranger to adversity.  As a fourth-generation oysterman in Plaquemine Parish, he has overcome hurricanes, oil spills and a lot of unwanted fresh water.

One year ago, Newsroom Ink’s CEO Ed Lallo sat down with the Jurisic at his Belle Chase home just before the State was stricken with a historic outbreak of Covid-19.  Even before the full affects of the coronavirus further devastated the industry, he expressed concern about both his future and that of the industry due to breeches of the State’s levee system, a proposed “freshwater diversion” by the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) and the demise of the State’s public oyster grounds.

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