NaturalShrimp Signs Agreement with Distributor Gulf Seafood for 25,000 Pounds of Live Shrimp

October 25, 2021 NaturalShrimp

NaturalShrimp, Inc. announced it has entered into a purchase agreement with Gulf Seafood Inc. (GSI), a distributor in the Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida region for a three-month trial and delivery of 25,000 pounds of live shrimp which GSI will purchase, distribute and market.

Ida’s Wrath Leaves Destruction and Strain on Bayou Crabbing Family

September 28, 2021 Ed Lallo, Gulf Seafood News

With Hurricane Ida’s unrelenting winds clocking more than 170 miles an hour, Shane Luke questioned his decision to stay aboard his 38-foot shrimp boat.   Outside the tiny windows he watched helplessly as the rollup door to the family’s concrete crab processing building flapped in the wind like a piece of paper in front of a fan.  As the mast cracked like wooden matchstick, he took refuge in engine room hoping it would be a final line of defense against Ida’s wrath.

For Fisherman It’s All About Ice; As Well As Food, Water, Shelter and Fuel

September 10, 2021 Ed Lallo, Gulf Seafood News

Hurricane Ida struck the heart of Louisiana’s seafood industry as a Category 4 hurricane, wiping out homes, boats, trucks, plants and icehouses. Oyster farmers on Grand Isle lost their entire crop, processing plants from Grand Isle to Dulac lay in ruin and almost 30% of the shrimping fleet in Golden Meadow lay useless at the start of current shrimp season.

Hurricane Ida Devastates Louisiana Seafood Industry, Infrastructure Completely Destroyed

Montegut fisherman Lance Nacio told Gulf Seafood News, fishermen and their families are in need of fuel and water.  “Roads are just clearing. Its bad here, really bad,” he said. “A majority of the boats made it through the storm, but the seafood communities infrastructure and homes have been severely damaged.”

Oysterman Jakov Jurisic; “Gulf Oyster Industry a Catastrophe”

January 26, 2021 Gulf Seafood News

The Gulf oyster industry, along with other Gulf seafood, is in a historic nosedive never before seen. The perfect storm of too much water, a national pandemic and the closure of restaurant after restaurant have forced those in the industry to reexamine the path forward.