Ida’s Wrath Leaves Destruction and Strain on Bayou Crabbing Family

With Hurricane Ida’s unrelenting winds clocking more than 170 miles an hour, Shane Luke questioned his decision to stay aboard his 38-foot shrimp boat.   Outside the tiny windows he watched helplessly as the rollup door to the family’s concrete crab processing building flapped in the wind like a piece of paper in front of a fan.  As the mast cracked like wooden matchstick, he took refuge in engine room hoping it would be a final line of defense against Ida’s wrath.

Three hundred miles to the east in Kehmah, TX, Trudy Luke huddled with her husband Timmy and the rest of her family worrying about her son, as well as what would remain of her business upon return.

After the winds and rain of Ida had passed to the north, Luke returned to her Dulac seafood business sitting alongside Bayou Grand Caillou.  She stumbled through the rubbish that one was one of the largest and most profitable crab business in Louisiana, happy to find her son alive and well.

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