Virtual Cooking Program to Give Houston Students a Taste of Sustainable Gulf Seafood

October 23, 2020 Environmental Defense Fund

Renowned chefs went back to school today — with the help of a Texas fisher and farmer — to showcase the importance of sustainable Gulf seafood to students and their families as part of Environmental Defense Fund’s “Everyone’s Gulf”program.

USDA to Buy $ 30M in Shrimp to Aid Gulf Seafood Industry

August 11, 2020 Associated Press

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says it will buy $ 30 million worth of shrimp from Gulf Coast fishermen in an effort to stabilize the industry.

AL Oyster Harvest Providing Help as Shortage Impacts Gulf Seafood Industry

January 9, 2020 Cory Pippin, WPMI

Help is coming to the local seafood industry as the state of Alabama has launched its first oyster harvest in 2 years.

Gulf Seafood Seeks New Approach to Compete With Imports

The billion dollar question haunting the Gulf seafood industry, as well as fisheries across the U.S, is how domestic seafood can compete with imports when fish in the freezers or on the counters of almost every grocery store, and in the kitchen of almost every restaurant, comes from another country? Countries that often fail to impose any semblance of quality control or inspections.

Gulf Organizations Join in Call for Gulf-Wide Seafood Specific Disaster Relief

Year after year after year, the Gulf of Mexico seafood community has been drowning in one disaster after another with little relief from the government agencies. Now, the floodgates are about to open, drowning all hopes that this year will be any different from years past.