Hurricane Ida Devastates Louisiana Seafood Industry, Infrastructure Completely Destroyed

Hurricane Ida has left a path of destruction through Louisiana, and in that path was seafood community after seafood community. As people across southeastern Louisiana began to take in the scale of damage, the task has been severely hindered by widespread power outages and limited phone service.

After landing at near-category 5 hurricane strength, Hurricane Ida made landfall with an immense storm surge riveting through coastal areas with winds gusting up to 172 miles per hour.

According to a statement by Louisiana Sea Grant’s Thomas Hymel, “docks in Dulac were heavily damaged, as well as Lafourche and Terrabonne parishes.”

Montegut fisherman Lance Nacio told Gulf Seafood News, fishermen and their families are in need of fuel and water.  “Roads are just clearing. Its bad here, really bad,” he said. “A majority of the boats made it through the storm, but the seafood communities infrastructure and homes have been severely damaged.”

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