How to Avoid Leaf Yellowing in Alstroemeria and Other Bulb Crops?

April 29, 2022 FloraLife

In cut flowers, leaf yellowing is commonly associated with senescence or premature end of life due to chlorophyll breakdown. The economic value of many popular cut flowers is associated with healthy green foliage. Flowers with yellow leaves can significantly reduce market value. 

MPS Grower Teams Up With Other Organizations to Build New Hyacinth Cultivation System

August 5, 2021 MPS

MPS grower Rob van Haaster has partnered with several growers and other players* operating in the bulb-growing industry to develop a new, sustainable cultivation system for growing disease-free hyacinth bulbs. The partners’ main purpose is to reduce crop cycles, as the current long cycles increase the risk of disease and pests. 

Red Oak Greenhouse Plans for Future Growth

Mum’s not the word when it comes to the secret behind Red Oak Greenhouse’s success of more than 140 years.

Pre-Forced Bulbs: They Make Everyone Smile

January 8, 2019 iBulb

Starting in January, you can put them outside: pre-forced bulbs! Get a little preview of spring with these colorful little rays of happiness and put them in your garden or on your balcony or patio.