How to Avoid Leaf Yellowing in Alstroemeria and Other Bulb Crops?

In cut flowers, leaf yellowing is commonly associated with senescence or premature end of life due to chlorophyll breakdown. The economic value of many popular cut flowers is associated with healthy green foliage. Flowers with yellow leaves can significantly reduce market value.  Various environmental and physiological factors contribute to leaf yellowing such as light, temperature, carbohydrate status, ethylene exposure and hormonal balance.  Cut flowers, especially bulb crops like Alstroemeria, Lilies, Tulips and Iris are susceptible to leaf yellowing. Some of the modern cultivars of Alstroemeria have long flower life but their display life is cut short by rapid leaf yellowing under commercial condition.

Our research indicates that the use of FloraLife® Bulb 100*, a post-harvest treatment, can avoid leaf yellowing in bulb crops such as Alstroemeria, Tulips, Lilies, Iris and more. In addition to preventing foliage yellowing, the product can positively influence flower development and improve flower color and size. The study tested the effect of FloraLife® Bulb 100 on leaf yellowing in three Alstroemeria varieties.

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