Strategic Collaboration Between Könst Alstroemeria and United Selections

September 14, 2021 Könst Alstroemeria

This partnership with United Selections will better prepare Könst Alstroemeria for future challenges. As a highly specialized breeding company in Alstroemeria and Zantedeschia, this cooperation will fortify its presence in several countries through marketing, sales, and production. 

Murara Plants Kenya Launches New Website

September 1, 2021 Murara Plants Kenya

Murara Plants Kenya is a propagator and supplier of high-quality young plant material of cut flowers, pot, patio and garden plants suitable for every climate. We will officially launch our website on the 28th of August 2021 as and @MuraraPlants on Social Media.

Florist North America Changes Name to HilverdaFlorist North America

July 28, 2021 HilverdaFlorist

With this step we strengthen our position in the North American market and HilverdaFlorist North America has an extensive range in Gerbera, Dianthus, Echinacea, Alstroemeria, Salvia and Hellebores products. HilverdaFlorist North America gives us the opportunity to directly deliver rooted plant material from our extensive assortment to the Canadian market.

Alstroemeria: The Peruvian Lily

July 27, 2021 FloraLife

Alstroemerias are sold in bud, with very little to no color showing. So, they can appear deceptively dowdy at the point of sale. However, they will reliably develop into delightful bursts of color after three or four days in the water/flower food solution and at room temperature. Therefore, a little consumer education around how Alstroemerias develop over time will go a long way to cultivating a fan base for this mighty little flower.

Virgin Queen: Dazzling White Alstroemeria with XXL Flowers

June 14, 2021 Royal Van Zanten

Just how innovative can white Alstroemeria flowers be? Royal van Zanten and Decorum grower Together2Grow will introduce Alstroemeria Virgin Queen in week 23! This variety is both innovative and surprising thanks to its intense white colour and especially the XXL size of its flowers. This combination makes Virgin Queen incredibly attractive and versatile.