Royal Van Zanten Goes for Sustainable Packaging Solution

Van Zanten Breeding, a global leader in the breeding of Alstroemeria plants, is continuously committed to achieving its goals for more sustainable operations. Alstroemeria plants, which are shipped worldwide for both flower breeding and propagation, are undergoing a positive change in their packaging process.

With a focus on reducing environmental impact, Van Zanten Breeding has decided to replace the plastic trays with more compact, new cardboard boxes. This environmentally responsible choice not only helps reduce plastic waste, but also results in a 20% savings in airspace per unit during transport.

To ensure the highest possible quality of starting material, the propagation of Alstroemeria plants takes place at the location in Rijsenhout, the Netherlands. From there the plants are shipped worldwide, with a special emphasis on important sales markets such as Colombia and Japan. In these countries, the plants undergo a careful process of hardening off and are brought to the right growth stage, making them optimally suitable for local flower growers. Over a period of 4 to 6 years, the plants provide high-quality flower stems destined for the commercial market.

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